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About Magdalene Ltd

Magdalene Ltd, operating across the UK and Ireland, specializes in comprehensive services for fixed, mobile, and utilities infrastructure networks, catering to both public and private sectors with unparalleled expertise.

The Challenge

In the age of digital expansion, Magdalene Ltd recognized the significance of obtaining the ISO 27001 accreditation, a benchmark for information security, to not only meet industry standards but also to leverage new business opportunities.

Our Solution: Elevating Standards and Ensuring Security

1. Comprehensive Policy Creation:

  • Drafted a myriad of policies addressing governance of IT, security, and management.

2. End-User Device Security:

  • Implemented robust security measures including full disk encryption, peripheral control, application control, and managed security updates with comprehensive device status reporting.

The Results:

ISO 27001 Accreditation

With our guidance and the proactive measures taken, Magdalene Ltd successfully attained the ISO 27001 accreditation.

Business Growth

The esteemed accreditation paved the way for several new customers and enhanced contracts with existing clients, solidifying their reputation as a trusted telecommunications entity.

Enhanced Stakeholder Trust

The ISO 27001 achievement bolstered confidence among partners, clients, and investors, reaffirming Magdalene Ltd's commitment to top-tier security standards.

Technology that we use to support Magdalene Ltd

Full Disk Encryption
Peripheral Control
Application Control
Managed Security Updates

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