Modernizing Healthcare: Centralized Management and Enhanced Security for Remote Care Homes

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Forest Health Care LTD is a leading provider in the care and nursing homes sector, dedicated to delivering compassionate, high-quality care across its network of facilities, while continuously innovating for the well-being of its residents.

The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced digital age, Forest Healthcare recognized the need to provide consistent, secure, and centralized access to their company systems across all remote sites. With 13 individual homes under their banner, the key challenge was to maximize local internet connections, streamline user experience, and bolster centralized management and security.

Our Solution: A Leap into Virtualization

1. Streamlined Infrastructure:

  • Removed all on-site servers from the 13 individual homes.
  • Established a robust virtualized terminal server environment with in-built redundancy and disaster recovery provisions.

2. Modern End-User Experience:

  • Replaced traditional PCs with state-of-the-art thin clients.
  • Introduced virtualized desktops tailored for individual user roles, enhancing application and access control.

3. Secure Connectivity:

  • Integrated encrypted site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) ensuring secure and seamless connections across all remote locations.

The Results:

Enhanced Security & Centralization

The complete overhaul resulted in fortified security protocols and centralized user application and data access, ensuring sensitive patient data remained confidential and protected.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our state-of-the-art system now guarantees improved data backup capabilities. In the face of unforeseen circumstances, such as system failures or cyberattacks, a seamless transition to the disaster recovery site is ensured.

Consistent User Access

Each care home, irrespective of its location, now enjoys consistent and high-speed access to all company applications. This not only enhanced performance but also fortified our security measures.

The technology that we use to support Forest Healthcare

Thin clients
Virtual Desktop
Role-based Access Control
Site-to-site VPN

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